Am-Tech Engineering Services

Company Overview

Established in 1997

Am-Tech Engineering Services has progressively advanced as a manufacturer amongst its niche of industrial clients for supplying high quality support systems in India. The company’s business offers a wide variety of support systems required during construction in Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects.

Am-Tech’s philosophy has always been to provide the best services at all times with highest quality material for utmost customer satisfaction.

Established in 1997, we started manufacturing Cable Trays & Supports as a registered vendor for BHEL NTPC from Pune, India. Over the years the company has increased the production capacity and ventured into more streams of industrial support systems & accessories in all forms of construction industries.

Not limiting to Utility Supports & Accessories alone, Am-Tech has engineered its own line of Boltable solutions for False Ceiling, False Flooring & Dry Walls which can be used in Industrial, Commercial or Residential projects.

In short, Am-tech can be labeled as a “Total Solution” for Supporting & Accessing all utilities from a heavy power industry to a residential apartment.

Certification & Approvals

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